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Hannah Clay

For this Month's Finds Friday, we're heading in a different direction – and to the 25th century – to look at some futuristic Modern Archaeological Artefacts selected by our finds team.

The four objects are commonplace now but will be described as though 'Future Archaeologists' have just unearthed them, and they're trying to glean what these items say about their past and the society that used them.

The first object is a: Bull Dog Clip

This small item was found in the North East of England, at the bottom of a highly waterlogged silty deposit, inside a large plastic container.

It is a metal object, around 8cm long on its broadest side, and fashioned in a 'T' shape. It has two holes at the bottom of the 'T' and inside it has two thin flat metal plates that are attached to another thin rounded piece. It looks like there was once movement between the two flat plates and the metal with holes. Perhaps some kind of gripping device? The holes could allow a string to be threaded through them to let the item hang.

This was probably used as a peg of sorts and, in the area where it was found, there were the remains of a large structure made of a thin and highly corroded metal, that was once an oil drum. Recent research suggests that these structures were likely to have been used for soil processing in the 21st century. In which case, the bullclip perhaps was an accidental deposition, as it has ended up inside a plastic bucket. Either that, or it was an intentional ritual offering to some kind of deity associated with such soil processing activities.

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