Ceramic and glass bottles




These two bottles were recovered from our excavations at Carrshield, Northumberland, in 2017. The glass bottle (on the left) has an octagonal base and ‘Fletchers sauce Selby’ vertically embossed on the side. Fletcher’s Tiger brown sauce was produced in Selby, Yorkshire, between 1915 and 1980, with millions of bottles being sold each year. The sauce was named because of its spicy taste, allegedly influenced by the ‘spices of India’. The company was acquired by HP Sauce in 1947, but continued to produce its signature Tiger sauce into the 1980s. It retained its popularity locally, in the face of strong competition, and was officially the leading brown sauce in Yorkshire until as late as the 1970s. The ceramic bottle (on the right) is a two-tone stoneware bottle dating to the 18th–19th century. It originally held Jackson Brothers ginger beer. The Jackson Brothers was a family company that produced a wide range of products in a small village called Haltwhistle (the place name is embossed on the bottle under the company name). Both bottles show the domestic nature of the site and the type of products enjoyed by the people that inhabited it during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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