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Hannah Clay

For this week’s futuristic #FindsFriday, our 25th-century archaeologists consider more #ModernArchaeology selected by #TeamNAA.


We have for this week an item that is a small, round, blue plastic object. It has a circumference of 6cm and is a millimeter or so thick.

It has regularly spaced 'spokes' around the outside, and looks almost wheel-like, with a pattern of cut-out areas in the middle.


Every fourth spoke has a notch cut into it, and analysis has shown that there are black fibre remnants attached to these. The words LEINENZWIRN 20 METER 2 FACH 30 100% LEINEN have been stamped around the central space.


Near where this item was discovered, a few small metal needles and some fabric offcuts were also found.


A small pendant of some kind? Maybe something to play with, that's been accidentally dropped? Or, perhaps more likely, some integral piece of fabric working equipment, as ‘Leinenzwirn’ translates from German to ‘Linen Thread’.


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