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Cataractonium: Establishment, Consolidation and Retreat


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Stuart Ross

Tonight, Stuart Ross will be giving a talk to the Teesdale Record Society about the recently completed excavations associated with the upgrading of the A1 motorway between Leeming and Barton in North Yorkshire.

NAA’s work has provided a unique opportunity to apply modern archaeological techniques to the well-preserved and deeply stratified remains of the Roman town of Cataractonium, and a number of associated Roman roadside settlements which also flanked Dere Street.

The large-scale investigations undertaken in the Roman town and the ongoing analysis work are providing new insights into the layout, development, function and character of the settlement from its establishment as a fort and military vicus during the late 1st century AD, through periods of consolidation and the advent of urbanism in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, to the final withdrawal of the Roman army and abandonment of the Roman provinces of Britannia during the early 5th century AD. The excavations have also demonstrated that Cataractonium supported a community beyond the end of Roman rule and into the 6th century AD.

If you would like more information, please click here for a link to the Teesdale Record Society website.

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