Tyre Balancing Weight




Chrystal Antink

For this month’s #FindsFriday we’re heading in a different direction – and to the 25th century – to look at some futuristic #ModernArchaeology selected by #TeamNAA


This week’s very small item is a Tyre Balancing Weight that was found at the site of a machine shop.


The largest one weighs 53g and is 86mm long, the smaller weighs 24.6g and is 41mm long. They both seem to contain lead and have a small curved iron bracket attached to them; their main bodies may have been coated in zinc, which is now flaking away. They seem to have had a very specialised purpose because their curving forms suggest a snug fit onto whatever they were attached to.


These were recovered from the site of a machine shop, polluted with petroleum products, with dozens of similar finds. These types of item are frequently found on roadside sites as well- perhaps a talisman for safe journeys?


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